Ironically, some of the very same attributes which make me so ideally suited for pursuing my stated goal of ‘saving the planet,’ have also been responsible for holding me back. For example, if I wasn’t so prolifically ideative, it wouldn’t have taken as many years as it has, merely to get to the point where I am at now. Every week, I’ve got a fresh new stack of to-do notes and ideas and such to go through and put away, before once again, it’s back to work. I need the ability to stick with this full-time, without the demands of a full-time job.


My main aim is to acquire funding.  I can’t get any of my ideas and strategies for ‘saving the planet’ off the ground without funding.

Thomas Edison famously stated that “Genius is 1 percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration.” Albert Einstein, when asked what set him apart, answered “I have no special talents, it’s only that I am passionately curious.” But here is how I would explain why I believe I am far, far ahead of most people, in regard to my unique ideas and insights concerning how best to go about trying to ‘save the planet.’ It comes down to something Aristotle said: “Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” I believe it is my lifelong preoccupation with coming up with answers for addressing that all-important question “How do we save the planet?,” that has in turn allowed me to gain the most insight, regarding how best to go about accomplishing that.

I can unequivocally state that I believe I am one of the most uniquely qualified people you are likely to find — to philanthropically back — if you are truly concerned about saving the planet. I realize that may sound grandiose, but that claim is based on a tremendous amount of evidence. From all that I have seen, heard and read (in books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio and conversations — I’ve had or overheard) — all throughout my entire life — I have never met, or learned of, another living person, anywhere, that I felt — based upon what I was hearing, or reading — had altogether my vision and level of understanding, concerning (a) the extent to which we are jeopardizing the biosphere, and (b) what precisely needs to be done to best attempt to remedy that situation. And this scope encompasses everyone from friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, peers, classmates, teachers, professors, acquaintances and strangers, to presidents, presidential candidates, vice-presidents, senators, senatorial candidates, governors, radio talk show hosts, columnists, speakers, authors and television interviewers.

Even in instances where I do encounter people who share my thinking in a lot of ways, what invariably happens is, like most people, they don’t have any real interest in participating in a major way in working towards saving the planet. Perhaps they lack the mental capacity or stamina — or self-confidence — to participate in something as immensely challenging as that. Some people believe they’re “too old” to play a significant role in that regard. Others are far more interested in savoring the planet (enjoying life), than they are in saving the planet. Some believe it’s completely hopeless and argue it’s a lost cause. Sometimes — for whatever reason — people simply just aren’t too concerned at all. Perhaps they have an undying faith in ‘The Market’ and in man’s ingenuity — or perhaps they have an undying faith in a ‘Higher Being.’ Some have told me they don’t believe humanity will ever begin to take serious action until a large-enough, cataclysmic event forces their hand. Some feel more comfortable advocating for nuclear power, as an interim solution — “to buy us more time” — than they are in drilling home the message that we need to live within our means and tighten our energy belts. There is increasingly more and more talk about adapting to the change many see as inevitable, rather than changing the harmful habits that are responsible for causing such problems to exist and persist in the first place. I can go on and on, but the point is, it’s as if we’re running and running, as fast as we can . . . in entirely the wrong direction!

Again, if you are truly and deeply concerned about saving the planet, the bottom line is: I don’t know of anyone else out there, who is as uniquely qualified as I am for accomplishing that. But let me expand on that. I’m not talking about not knowing of anyone at my same “level of eco-consciousness.” No, obviously that is not the case. So it goes much deeper than that. For example: let’s say “a” represents someone having a very high degree of eco-consciousness. Someone can have “a,” but lack “b” (a strong, driving desire to save the planet). Someone can have both “a” and “b”, but lack “c” (belief that a single individual — or that they in particular — can play a significant role in helping accomplish that). (Just as billionaires have a disproportionate ability to effectuate change due to their degree of wealth, certain individuals have a disproportionate ability to effectuate change due to the wealth of ideas that they possess.) Someone can have “a”, “b” and “c”, but lack “d” (willingness to invest large chunks of their time towards working to save the planet). Someone could have all these, but not “e” (a vision for how to save the planet). Or perhaps they lack “f” (a comprehensive vision for how to save the planet). They might have all of the above, but lack “g” (a correct, comprehensive vision for how to save the planet). Or maybe they lack “h” (having the right ideas to help inspire and bring about that revolutionary change that’s so needed). You might even throw in “i” regarding whether or not they have “put their money where their mouth is.” Despite the fact I don’t make a lot and don’t have much to spare, I don’t mind spending money on advertising and getting nothing in return year after year, because this is something I believe so strongly in. This list is anything but complete, but you get the point. Perhaps now you can see why I say I regard myself as singularly the most uniquely qualified person to throw your support behind, if you are truly and deeply concerned about ‘saving the planet.’

Now, the ball is in your court — it’s up to you! For years, I have been chomping at the bit and raring to go — eager to set my plans in motion, but without funding, I can’t move forward.

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and for giving it the attention I believe it deserves. Please contact me if you believe you might be able to help, would like to meet, or have any questions.


Paul A. Reinicke