[A] small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. — Margaret Mead

I would love to hear from you!

  1. The primary aim of this website is to assist in acquiring philanthropic funding.  Without funding, I can’t move forward. (Seriously, please, I’m begging, help me save the planet, before it is too late. We are moving so fast and in so clearly the wrong direction, and with so much momentum propelling us in that wrong direction, that conceivably, it might already be too late. But if it’s not, I really believe I have the right vision and focus. Big ideas. Unique, original, trailblazing ideas. Paradigm shifting ideas. But I need to be able to immerse myself in this time-intensive work and make this a multiyear full-time commitment or else I don’t really see any hope of succeeding.)
  2. Additionally, there may be sympathetic, like-minded individuals, willing to help in some other capacity — offering pro bono assistance: publicists, experts in fields such as advertising, fundraising, marketing, social media, radio show producers, volunteers, and so forth.
  3. I would also like to some day be in a position to be able to assemble a strong team of individuals to work collaboratively together towards achieving that very real, substantive, lasting change in the world that we so desperately need. So I am particularly keen on hearing from other idea people. Those with with unique, original, trailblazing ideas aimed towards leading humankind in a new direction. Holding down a full-time job provides me with not much free time. So this is contingent upon receiving funding. But I’d like to start compiling a list of interested individuals in the meantime, so that should I receive funding, I could assemble such a group that much faster. (If I receive only minimal funding, I won’t be able to hire people or pay salaries, but would still want to work collaboratively with other idea people.)
  4. Feel free to say “Hi.” Share your thoughts. Ask questions.

Please, please, please (despite my pleas, you wouldn’t believe how often people forget to do this), indicate in your email how specifically you found out about this website. Since my advertising budget is Lilliputian, I really do need to know how people find their way here.


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