It seems very likely that we have spent too long in the company of bad ideas to now arrest our slide toward the brink. I hope I’m wrong about this, but I would not be surprised if the human experiment runs radically off the rails in our lifetime. — *Sam Harris


That the situation is hopeless should not prevent us from doing our best. — Aldo Leopold

(1)  My primary aim is to acquire funding. Without funding, I can’t move forward with my big ideas aimed at saving the planet. If you want to find out more, you have to be interested in ‘saving the planet,’ you have to be a potential backer, and you have to state that (I’m not a mind-reader).

(2)  Feel free to share thoughts, ask questions, offer suggestions.

(3)  If you’d like to help out — no special skills required — contact me. If I could hire thousands of people, I surely would. But I can’t afford to hire even one person. So please contact me in this regard only if you would like to volunteer your time and understand that I can’t pay you.


(4)  I consider myself one of the best thinkers in the world today in terms of my ideas and overall thinking concerning how to save the planet, but I’m curious who others think fits that bill.

(5)  I’d love to hear examples of what others consider some of the very best and most original ideas that tie in with saving the planet. Particularly from the past twenty years or so.

(6)  I invite you to share specific examples of what you regard as the very best of the best — the creme de la creme — in terms of books, audiobooks, films, documentaries, interviews, articles, podcasts (specific episodes), YouTubes, scientific papers, quotations, etc., that tie in with saving the planet (e.g., is it potentially powerful enough to persuade even the most unpersuadable?).

(7)  Do you live in the NYC / LI area? Might something like this (“Willing to Cook for Strangers, but Guests Are Harder to Find, The New York Times) interest you? If enough people contact me expressing an interest in participating in something like this, I might set something like this up.

(8)  If you live in the NYC / LI, tri-state area and would like to be a part of a ‘Saving the Planet’ Meetup ( group, let me know.

(9)  Once I get funding, I’ll be in a position to start launching my ideas into the blogosphere and getting my ideas out there.. But I want to be able to do this in such a way that these ideas and strategies have the greatest chance of making a real difference in the battle to save the planet. Therefore, if you’re a talented, successful, accomplished writer (or editor) and would like to help with this, let me know.  This would most likely have to be pro bono, of course. And the more passionate you are about wanting to save the planet, the better.

(10)  Would you like to help make it possible for me to get my ideas out there — and hence, potentially save the planet — without it costing you a cent? Here’s a challenge, if you’re up to it. Can you rewrite or create a much better version of my About me or Afterword pages (or any other parts of my website)? I might be willing to make those changes, and would be happy to give you credit if I do (but this must be pro bono, let me make that clear). On a scale of 1-10, my website might be a 5;  but imagine how much easier it might be to acquire funding if it were a 9 or 10. Challenge accepted?

(11)  If I created an email list for like-minded individuals interested in saving the planet, would you like to be on it? (And please state why.)

(12)  I’d like a few lines of dialogue transcribed from a 1987 film that is close to 3.5 hours long. (This might be useful for a blog post I’ve long wished to do.) I don’t have the time or inclination to spend that much time on this, but if you’re a film buff, you might enjoy it! Interested?

(13)  “If we have done extremely well as a species, it is only at the expense of other species at present, and of our own species in the future.” — Boris Zeide.  This is one of my favorite quotations (pertaining to what we’re doing to the planet);  but I can’t recall how I originally came across it. If you can shed light on this puzzle, please do.

(14)  Not interested? If not, why not? I don’t have the resources to pay for focus groups, so I’d appreciate honest feedback. (Please indicate approximately how much of my website you’ve actually read.)

[*Note:   The Sam Harris quotation above is ridiculously hard to find on the internet. So I’m including this link. Click on “old interview,” sign into your Amazon account, and you’ll be redirected to the archived page with the interview transcript. The interview isn’t from 2014, it’s from an unspecified number of years prior.]


Please indicate in your email, how, specifically, you found out about this website. Since my advertising budget is small, it helps knowing how people found their way here. Thanks!

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