Just Saying



I’ll share with you a secret


I believe the iconoclasts of society

those who really “get it”

in terms of what we’re doing to the planet

in terms of what needs to change

and who have great ideas, brilliant ideas, unique, innovative

ground-breaking, trailblazing ideas

these outliers are so extremely rare

they need to be given the ability to GROW

their ideas and disseminate their thinking and plant the

possibility of hope for a future different from the future

that lies frozen ahead in the “crosshairs” of our trajectory.

S o l u t i o n s  sometimes distill down to coming up with ways

for making inconvenient truths palatable

and crazy beliefs less so


The mirror side of this is we need to be paying much less attention

(or no attention at all)

to those who presently attract our attention

for all the wrong reasons

and who stand in the way

of what I said above


Read this again tomorrow

and the day after

and every day thereafter

until there’s no longer that need

to do so


People always say

“But what can ‘I’ do?”

That’s something you can do

and if enough people

did likewise

the window of opportunity

to save the planet

would surely grow and grow

that’s the style of growth we need

not feeding that insatiable appetite for greed

that always come with a dollar sign

and ecological destruction

trailing behind in its wake