Maureen Dowd on Trump

Maureen Dowd on Trump

It isn’t often that something in the news makes me laugh. Particularly if it relates to Trump. But I tip my hat to Maureen Dowd. She did manage to elicit a chuckle from me as I read her column in today’s Sunday edition of the New York Times – “Game of Trump” is the title.

It was an interesting column overall. But my favorite part might be near the end of the piece, where Dowd writes that Trump “bragged about his cunning” in bringing up the topic of the election hacking by Russia, in his meeting with Putin, not once, but twice; and, in Trump’s own words, the second time it was “in a totally different way.”

Dowd continues:

Wow. That must have really outfoxed the lethal former K.G.B. agent

Indeed. You can’t make this stuff up.