Spring, 2024



Making its debut today, here on my Home page, is something brand new. Think of this as a “blog within a blog.”  It provides an easy-breezy format for adding new material (of a miscellaneous nature). I will publish four of these “(Season, Year)” blog posts a year. These will be subject to editing, right up to when the next (quarterly) one begins. Don’t necessarily expect much in terms of ‘saving the planet’ type stuff, though, since I hardly ever see anything that’s anywhere near in the ballpark of where our thinking needs to be, if ‘saving the planet’ is to become a real possibility (that’s why I’m seeking funding, to change that situation).

***  This caught my eye while thumbing through an old issue of New Scientist. I’m considering attending this event myself. But you don’t have much time. This event (“Consciousness: Unlocking the mind”) is described as a “one-day masterclass exploring the forefront of research on the brain and consciousness.” It will be held in New York City on Saturday, June 22, 10am to 5pm at the SVA Theatre, 333 W 23rd street. You will need to have purchased a ticket in advance. You can find out more information about it by clicking on this link:  newscientist.com/consciousness-us (Tickets are $199.00 apiece.)