The Big Idea

The Big Idea

I can’t wait another minute. I just have to share this. This is something I’m so excited about that it’s the first blog post I’ve actually given a title — see note below. Just read below what I tweeted the other day, and you’ll see why I’m so excited:

Wow. this is really, really exciting!!! I just had one of my best ideas ever! And this is something I can pull together w/o any outside funding! It’ll take some work! But in 8 months it can start bearing fruit & potentially make a BIG DIFFERENCE toward saving the planet!

That was what I tweeted in the wee hours of Sunday, the 19th. About 48 hours ago. I think I didn’t get to sleep until, finally, around 9:00 a.m. But it was worth it! I was coasting on adrenaline. My only regret is that I didn’t hatch this idea years ago. Because I would probably have funding by now, if I had.

So what is this “Big Idea?” Naturally, I don’t want to disclose that just yet. But I will say this. I’ve already done several hours’ worth of work on this, and can see several different directions in which this can go — all of them, quite terrific! I still have quite a bit of homework to do on this. But with my target date for completion being mid-April, I should have plenty of time. Or at least, just enough.

As a result, I suspect I will be blogging on this website less often. Diverting that time and energy into this other project, instead.

Additionally, I will note that I have added a link, up above, to connect to my Twitter page — and I might let that, from here on in, take the place of my Contact page blog. The Afterword page blog might also become far less active, since, as I have pointed out in my last post there, anything I say about Trump is just redundant. And besides, why should I waste time doing that, when so many others are out there doing that work for me? The Links page blog I will keep active, mostly for continuing to share my love of music. This Home page blog, of course, will definitely remain active and I will continue posting here whenever the mood strikes. So stay tuned!

Note: With the subsequent redesign of my website, the Contact page blog has been moved and renamed Quickies, the Afterword page blog has been moved and renamed Political Discourse and the Links page blog has been moved and renamed Music & Miscellaneous. Additionally, all blog posts have subsequently been titled and have accompanying images.